99 Problems, But Content Ain’t One

“If you’re having blog problems, I feel bad for you, son;
I’ve got 99 problems, but content ain’t one.” –(Not) Jay-Z

Many bloggers began their journey filled with jubilance and energy, but eventually they face the reality that it takes a lot of work to feed the content machine. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone! Whether you’re looking for fresh ideas or want to fine-tune your blogging plan, this session will give you a fresh perspective on content creation for your blog.

I can’t guarantee that Jay-Z will show up — in fact, I assure you that he probably won’t, but I can help you become more confident in creating content for your blog.

Several topics I’ll address include:

  • How to identify new, undiscovered content opportunities
  • Tips to take an idea and put your own twist on it
  • Affirming that you have permission to fail and try new things
  • Using online resources to stimulate your content creation interests

And more!

You’ll benefit from this whether you operate your blog for fun or profit. Even if you consider yourself a “blogging pro” or if you’re only getting started, you’ll walk away with actionable tips that will help you write your future blog posts.

This session will help you rediscover why you even got started in blogging and will reignite your content creation flame. Whether you blog for yourself or someone else, or assist others on content creation, you’ll be armed with a handful of great ideas by attending “99 Problems, But Content Ain’t One.”

See you there!

–Joseph Manna (@joemanna)
Sr. Content Strategist, Infusionsoft

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