Presenter Announcement: Taylor Dewey

Software developers can be a bit strange; hardly a shocking revelation if you’ve worked with any. But developers, like many information-era workers, are highly tuned to productivity and shortcuts abound.

I’ll be talking about the techniques that developers employ to make their jobs easier. This includes:

  • Assembling an editing environment
  • Development workflows with more flow and less work
  • Debugging with brute force and elegance
  • Deployment tools magic

Software developers are prone to write software for developers (themselves and others). As a result there are tools for just about anything to help make programmers more efficient. For each technique that we discuss, I’ll outline software that helps get it done better and faster.

  • Why Integrated development environments (IDEs) are awesome
  • Settle the text editor debate.
  • Examine version control GUIs
  • Highlight some awesome command line scripts
  • Look into automated build tools

Because this is a Sunday developer’s session, there is plenty of time after the session, in the un-conference portion, for live demos and discussion. I’d love to hear about all the cool tools and techniques that make your coding life easier.

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One Response to Presenter Announcement: Taylor Dewey

  1. Suzette Franck says:

    Sounds like an awesome topic, can’t wait!