Session Announcement: From URL to Query

Presented by: Erick Hitter

Ever wonder what process WordPress undertakes when someone visits your site? Or how it translates that nice permalink to the database query that ultimately delivers the content your visitors requested? Or what it takes to load the appropriate template from your site’s theme?

In this talk, I will walk through WordPress’ loading process and shed some light on the various APIs used. I will also discuss how these APIs work together to make the software function.

At many points throughout the talk, I will stop and recap what APIs have been loaded at that moment and what states those APIs are in. Doing so should help explain why it is that certain APIs must be manipulated at specific WordPress actions, and why failing to do so can lead to unexpected results. Understanding these constraints is key to effectively developing themes and plugins that are compatible with current and future WordPress releases. This awareness should also aid developers in choosing the appropriate place to hook into WordPress when multiple possibilities exist.

At the completion of this session, the process of parsing a request made to WordPress will be less mysterious than it often is for developers.

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