Aaron Campbell

Aaron is a partner in Range, a design and development shop specializing in high quality design and WordPress development. He has more than ten years of web development experience and has been a regular contributor to WordPress for the last five years. He has experience writing quality code that is both fast and ca, and has a knack for translating ideas and goals into functional sites. He’s been called both a coffee snob and a beer snob, but considers both to be compliments. When he’s not buried in code, Aaron can often be found spending time with his family, attending or hosting beer tastings, or taking his son drag racing.

Alison Barrett

I’ve been building sites exclusively in WordPress since 2008. Soon after I became familiar enough with WordPress to start writing themes from scratch, I started to develop plugins as well. This led to me becoming a more active member of the WordPress community. Eventually I got up the guts to apply for a job at Automattic, where I now work on the WordPress.com VIP team.

April Holle

April Holle is principal of Made Better Studio, where she helps do-good businesses and non-profit organizations share their great work using communication tools.

“I want to help small, local companies and non-profit groups get their message out to the public in a way that is beneficial to all. I keep seeing so many great ideas or products go unnoticed simply because they didn’t look “professional”. It’s really a case of finding the people who will love what you have, but first you need to know what you have and who might want it.” April says.

By reviewing communication and relationships, she finds authentic, realistic strategies and techniques that utilize both new and old ways of communicating with people to help create and foster long-lasting connections. April helps organizations set up these means of communication and helps streamline these channels to fit in with an organization’s current ways of doing business.

To discuss how to share your great work with your community, please contact her at april@madebetterstudio.com or madebetterstudio.com.

Betsy Cohen

Betsy Cohen is the founder and lead designer at Positive Element (www.positiveelement.com), a boutique web design firm here in Phoenix, AZ. Positive Element focuses on custom web sites for authors, professionals and small businesses that are user-friendly, easy to maintain and easily optimized for search engines and social media.

Betsy uses WordPress because it provides a powerful and user-friendly foundation of features upon which we can build just about anything.

Betsy lives in North Scottsdale, is raising 3 kids, and enjoys reading, yoga, and hiking. She used to enjoy other things too, like travel and painting… but hasn’t had time for much of that lately.

Brad Parbs

I’m Brad Parbs. I create custom themes and plugins, and have worked on tons of WordPress sites. I also have a bunch of plugins on WordPress.org, and am a core contributor.

Chris Eggleston

I love WordPress! I’ve been using and developing with WordPress for 6 years. I started on WordPress.com and eventually graduated to WordPress.org. I got so excited about the possibilities available to me as a business owner because of WordPress, I decided to use it to empower other business owners. That’s when I started learning how to develop websites with WordPress.

Now, I’m the Creative Strategist at exPRESS Web Design where we’re helping small businesses, real estate agents, and charter schools establish a successful online presence!

Although I really enjoy the “geeky” part of my work, and the business strategizing and developing, seeing other people empowered by WordPress is what motivates me to keep doing what I do everyday!

Learn more about me => +Chris Eggleston

Chris Lema

Chris Lema has been building web applications since 1995. He’s also started and sold several software startups and has been coaching entrepreneurs for the last decade. He’s the author of two eBooks on high performing and virtual teams and currently manages innovation and product development for Emphasys Software. A regular conference speaker, his blog (chrislema.com) covers WordPress, Presentations & Coaching advice.

Chris Olbekson

I am one of the lead WordPress developers for X-Team, an Australian company that works with some of the biggest brands in the world. I discovered WordPress in 2008 when I needed a website for my freelance IT consulting company. Since then I have built hundreds of client websites, contributed patches to core and released several plugins and themes.

Chris Stark

Chris is the founder of DigitalMGMT, an ad operations, site speed optimization and blog management firm based in Tempe, AZ. We support growing websites without the resources to have a full ad operations and IT department to fulfill those needs so they can focus on creating great content.

We love WordPress because it puts the combined knowledge and refinement of countless WordPress community man-hours behind continually improving the closes thing to CMS perfection.

Chris is originally from Bellevie, WA and now resides in Tempe, AZ and enjoys photography and traveling. He can be contacted at http://www.digitalmgmt.com

Christie Kerner

“After spending many years creating small businesses, consulting for them and working at some pretty fabulous Fortune 500 companies I came to a realization: I freaking love business.

I have always loved business DIY style – I will ferret out all the knowledge and practice I need to meet a goal. So, when I discovered WordPress years ago I fell in love. A free tool that you can use to create a professional website that includes a blog? Perfect. Add to that the array of themes, plugins and third party services now available to support you in customizing WordPress and you have a DIY dream come true. I’ve built many WP sites, for my own business ventures and for my Launch MiE clients, and simply love helping others do the same.”

Cliff Seal

“I’ve been in WordPress every working day for at least the last four years. I’m a UX Designer at Pardot in Atlanta, but I’ve already built three plugins during my tenure there (and more to come). Pardot loves giving back in Open Source, and we use WordPress for several projects. Personally, I’ve been designing and developing WordPress sites for years, and end up preaching the ‘WordPress can do anything’ gospel more often than I ever thought possible. I do my work under Logos Creative, and have been working on projects like MusicGrid.me.

I live in Atlanta with my wife, April, where we do young urbanite-y things.”

Cody Landefeld

“My name is Cody Landefeld and I am a WordPress Developer, WordPress Designer, and User Experience professional. I have been designing and developing websites since 2000. I work as the principal/creative lead at codyL where we solve business challenges through design and web development.

We use WordPress exclusively for websites and continue to contribute to the community of WordPress.”

David Albert

I’ve been building websites since 1996. I began my career in the publishing industry and in 1999, started my own Digital Agency, Emerge Digital, which grew to about 25 people. At Emerge we worked with both startups and household name clients such as Cirque du Soleil, HBO, MillerCoors and Visa. We began embracing WordPress around 2006, beginning by building blogs for clients and evolving into using WP for fully-blown Content Management Systems. Emerge was acquired by Upshot (upshot.net) in 2009, where myself and my team continued using WordPress, deploying it for clients such as Omron, Hilton Worldwide, Subway and others.

In March of 2012, I left Upshot and founded GreyGoo Media with my business partner Vicente Opaso. Our focus is a mix of building Premium WP Themes, Plugin-ins and custom-built sites using WordPress as a CMS. We’ve built everything from turnkey WP sites using existing Themes, to highly-customized sites using advanced WP programming techniques. We love the platform and I’m eager to share my experiences with WordCamp attendees.

Dre Armeda

Dre is the Co-Founder of Sucuri Security. Sucuri is a security company that concentrates on being the leader in web integrity monitoring and web malware removal. Sucuri offers web integrity monitoring and alerting capabilities to small, large, and enterprise web networks.

Dre is a proud WordPress contributor and is the lead organizer for WordCamp San Diego.

Eric Mann

I work with WordPress professionally as a member of 10up. I’ve been developing on WordPress since 2006, and using it for all of my personal sites since about the same time. I develop plugins and themes for clients, as well as tutorial resources for new developers and users.

Connect @ericmann

Erick Hitter

WordPress has been my development platform of choice for more than three years. I previously worked at Oomph, a WordPress.com VIP Featured Partner, building themes for high traffic sites on the VIP Platform. Since August, I’ve been part of Automattic’s Team Custom, building tools to help WordPress.com users customize their sites beyond choosing a beautiful theme.

Greg Taylor

As a WordPress enthusiast since 2005, Greg Taylor is passionate about WordPress Development and Content Marketing. Marketing Press is the result of his passions, creating great websites that meets client goals.

“If a site looks great, but doesn’t achieve the results Marketing Press’ clients need, we haven’t fully done our job. Only when a site looks great, ranks well and converts — then we know our job is complete.”

When not developing WordPress sites or working on content, Greg can be found mentoring at Gangplank, taking in live music in Tempe, AZ or his home state of New Jersey.

Greg Taylor has been a guest speaker at Arizona State University and at various WordPress Conferences including WordCamp LA, WordCamp Phoenix and WordCamp Vegas.

Jake Goldman

Jake has been building websites since the mid 90’s, and has built web-based solutions for Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. Navy, major universities, and high profile non-profits. His analyses have been quoted on high profile websites like c|net and the Winsupersite.

Jake started working with WordPress in 2006 while managing the interactive division of a 100-man contractor. In 2009, while employed as Technology Director at a Providence-based agency, he refocused his professional attention on the platform, releasing free plug-ins, diverting new projects to the platform, and engaging the community. Jake’s leadership helped transform that agency from a 3-man team serving a niche CMS to an open source software agency with 10 employees.

In February 2011, Jake founded 10up with a vision of a distributed, elite team that could build beautiful, easy to manage websites on the web’s best platform – WordPress.

Between leading the charge at 10up, Jake is a writer and expert reviewer for Smashing Magazine (the web’s top new media publication) and teaches WordPress development at Boston University. Jake has spoken at WordCamps around the country, including Chicago, New York, Orlando, Phoenix, Philadelphia, and Miami. He helped organize the first WordCamp Boston in 2010 and founded the WordPress Providence Meetup.

Jake is a core contributor to WordPress and maintains some of the highest rated plug-ins on the official repository. Cumulatively, they have been downloaded over 250,000 times.

Jason Tucker

I’m Jason Tucker, a web developer and owner of Tucker.Pro, a web dev shop in Whittier, CA. I’ve been using WordPress in some capacity for the last 9 years and love working with it. I enjoy combining my love for WordPress, social media and live streaming to bring my clients an all encompassing experience for their customers. I have background in Windows and Linux systems administration, but recently began full time
WordPress development work.

I’m a member of the OCWP meetup in Orange County, California where I provide live streaming solutions for folks unable to make our meetups. I’m also the host of WPwatercooler.com a weekly webshow on YouTube and podcast on iTunes.

Jeffrey Zinn

I founded Pixel Jar with Brandon Dove in 2004 as a general web firm. We found WordPress in 2007 and because a WordPress exclusive company in 2009. At Pixel Jar we develop custom themes and custom plugins, we convert other sites to WordPress, we customize existing sites, theme and plugins, and we develop AdSanity, a premium plugin for managing ads. I am also co-organizer of WordCamp Orange County and a frequent presenter at the Orange County WordPress meetup.

Jeremy Saxey

Upon graduation from ASU with a bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems, I was graciously invited to co-run Sethmatics, Inc by Seth Carstens, where I got my introduction to WordPress. I’ve been hooked ever since. I now build plugins and themes from scratch and recently started my own WordPress-based company: Web Guys. We provide website management services for our clients to take care of all their website needs (all based on WordPress, of course).

John Gough

I’m an interface designer at a local interactive marketing agency. We build at least 5 sites in WordPress a month, but usually more like 8-10. I help developers work through site architecture to make the content management obvious for our clients, so they can easily manage their websites without extensive training.
Though now I do mostly graphic and IA work, I started by hand coding WordPress themes in 2008. I think it’s a remarkable and incredibly scalable platform, and am always amazed to see the great work people can do with it.

John Hawkins

I started using WordPress only a couple months after it was first released and have been a huge fan ever since. Early on I started tweaking themes and plugins and eventually got to the point where I was getting requests to do the same for others. In 2009 I quit my job and founded 9seeds, a WordPress development shop based in Las Vegas, NV.

When not traveling to WordCamps (this will be my 35th), I run the Las Vegas WordPress meetup and I enjoy providing in-person WordPress training classes.

Joseph Manna

Joseph Manna is the Senior Content Strategist for Infusionsoft. He oversees corporate blog strategy, blogger relations and web analytics. Focused on driving industry-leading blog performance and leverages social media engagement for increased awareness and activity.

I’ve been using WordPress since 2007 and it’s my platform of choice for blogging. To date, Infusionsoft has served over nearly 800,000 page views on its WordPress-based blog and very much contributes to the company’s bottom-line.

Josh Hansen CISSP

Josh is the Manager of the Customer Security Products team at Go Daddy and specializes in WordPress security.

Karen Arnold

My name is Karen. Currently I work for Automattic. Before Automattic I ran a small web design business that created sites primarily for small businesses. Now I provide support for WordPress.com users.

Kurt Payne

Kurt contributes to core and unit tests. He works on the P3 Plugin and helps out with WordPress projects in Go Daddy’s hosting department.

Lance Willett

By day Lance wrangles WordPress themes for Automattic, and by night he is Launcelot du Lac, Knight of the Round Table.

Hailing from the Tucson Mountains, Lance is a recovering RVer adjusting to life in a house without wheels. When unplugged Lance can be found mountain biking, disc golfing, studying foreign languages and geography, drinking craft beer, and exploring the great outdoors. Born and raised in México, he can roll a fresh corn tortilla like a pro.

Luke Hewlett

I am a freelance graphic designer and IT professional at Mesquite Elementary in Tucson, AZ. I use WordPress on a daily basis to help Mesquite effectively communicate with parents, students and the community, as well as helping teachers use WordPress as a digital hub for assignments and communication.

I recently graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and Web Design and have begun freelancing. In addition to helping companies develop strong identities, printed materials and packaging, I use WordPress (almost exclusively) to help them build a strong online presence and connection with their target market.

Together, Mesquite and freelancing take up most of my time, but I do also manage to cram in a few fun things like AIGA events, plenty of movies and of course the weekly episode of Walking Dead.

Mark Kelnar

Mark has been developing software as a full time employee and as an independent consultant in Austin since 2000. He has done work for a collection of companies and projects, including work on the website for Hoover’s Inc and Dun and Bradstreet. His role at WP Engine is to make sure the servers and your site are up and running as expected. If they are not, there’s a good chance that he is already working on resolving the issue. Mark lives near Austin with his wife and two sons. You might spot him out at a WordPress Austin Meetup. To unplug from the network, he’ll escape to the mountains in Colorado for a few days of backcountry hiking and camping.

Michael R. Hunter

I am the founder of Entourage Marketing, a boutique digital marketing firm in Scottsdale, AZ, and the Creator of the Strategic Marketing Compass, a system that helps small business owners think more strategically about their business.

I use WordPress for all of my client websites and personal websites. I have built over 25 websites with the WordPress platform and use it on a daily basis. I use WordPress to build entire websites, custom blogs, squeeze pages, and marketing funnels.

Michelle Weber

“I’d wanted to be a writer since I was four, and WordPress gave me a place to publish, play with my voice, and connect with other incredible authors. I wrote a fairly popular food and humor blog (Thursday Night Smackdown) on a self-hosted installation for 5 years, and now have a more personal site (King of States!) on .com.

I’m also a Story Wrangler for Automattic, which means I curate Freshly Pressed, write for many WordPress.com sites (en.blog.wordpress.com, The Daily Post), contribute to documentation, and am a general editorial resource for other Automatticians.”

Mike Schroder

Mike Schroder, known as Shredder to most of his colleagues, is a sailor, cross-cultural kid, and lover of Open Source. He currently works at DreamHost, contributing to the WordPress core and community projects including wp-cli. You can find him blogging on various geeky things at http://www.getsource.net

Natalie MacLees

Natalie MacLees is a front-end web developer and UI designer and is founder + principal of the interactive agency, Purple Pen Productions. In 2012 she published jQuery for Designers with Packt Publishing. She founded and runs the jQuery LA Users’ Group and together with Noel Saw she heads up the Southern California WordPress User’s Group, organizing WordPress meetups, help sessions, and workshops. In 2010, she worked as technical reviewer on WordPress 3 Complete by April Hodge Silver. She makes her online home at nataliemac.com.

Noah Dyer

In Andorra Noah Dyer was a 6 terms senator.
In Burundi he led the transition an organized criminal syndicate into an upstanding oil conglomerate
In Cameroon he bore a son named Cameron.
In Djibouti Noah fought with pirates.
In Equatorial Guinea he made it snow.
In Fiji he was a tribal dance instructor.
In Guatemala he learned every language and dialect spoken by the indigenous tribes.
In the Holy See he smoked with the Pope.
In Italy he consulted with a number of auto makers regarding the form factors of their 2008 models.
In Jamaica he shot a Sheriff, but he did not shoot a deputy.
In Kiribati he did work worthy of nobel prize, but instead released his findings anonymously with a GNU license.
In Liberia he liberated a town oppressed by a war lord.
In Maldives he fasted from food and water for 40 days, during which he gained no particularly profound insight.
In Nepal he scaled several mountains nakedly.
In Oman he wrote a prayer that has since been recited by millions for comfort.
In Pakistan he monopolized the kashmir trade for over a decade.
In Qatar he invented a system of measurement superior to the metric system, but which has not been implemented due to governmental laziness.
In Rwanda he ran a hotel.
In Saint Lucia he saw the face of Sir Thomas Aquinas in a bowl of rice and beans.
In Tajikistan he sang a duet with Andrea Bocelli.
In Uruguay he had a chance lunch with Paulo Coehlo. Paulo did not think the experience remarkable.
In Vanuatu he went back to the future.
In Yemen he memorized 3.14 million digits of pi.
In Zambia he danced with MC Hammer.

Currently a resident of the United States, Noah Dyer runs a boutique modern marketing firm, Sure Spark. He also teaches classes at the University of Advancing Technology. He frequently writes and speaks on marketing and technology.

Paul Clark

Paul serves as the co-founder and “Left Brain” at Brainstorm Media, a team of passionate designers, developers, and teachers. Together, they are in the business of changing the world using WordPress.

Paul has been working with WordPress for 7 years and is a Core Contributor to 3.5. He is proud to have created intelligent, intuitive solutions for great clients including The Wall Street Journal, Iomega, and Vistage International.

Ruth Carter

I started blogging in 2009 when I was a law student at ASU. Now I’m a licensed attorney and I own Carter Law Firm in Phoenix. My firm focuses on social media law, intellectual property, business formation and contracts, and flash mob law. I also wrote the book The Legal Side of Blogging: How Not to get Sued, Fired, Arrested, or Killed.

I have two WordPress sites: my personal blog (undeniableruth.com) and my law firm’s site (carterlawaz.com). I write blog posts for them every week. I love how easy it is to use WordPress to post blogs and also to create a custom website.

Sara Cannon

“Sara Cannon has a passion for art, design, and typography. She is Partner and Creative Director for Range – A design and development shop specializing in WordPress. Based out of Birmingham, AL, Sara is a WordPress core contributor working with the UI group, organizes WordCamp Birmingham, loves open source, her dogs, and a good beer. You can find her tee-heeing on twitter @saracannon or writing on her blog sara-cannon.com.

“Life is short, art is long, typography is everything, code is poetry.””

Sé Reed

I am a freelance web developer and help my clients develop and implement a comprehensive web strategy via custom WordPress themes and functionality, UX-based design and content development.

I also serve as a business advisor for the Small Business Development Center hosted at Long Beach City College, where I advise small business owners on their websites, teach workshops in beginning and intermediate WordPress use, and speak to small business owners and small business advisors about the Internet, marketing, social media and the wonders of WordPress.

I am also a regular contributor to the weekly webcast WPWatercooler!

Seth Carstens

The company Sethmatics, clearly founded by Seth Carstens, is a WordPress shop in the heart of Arizona. Seth devoted 2011 to getting plugged into the WordPress community using meetup. With a work ethic that would make your head spin, he’s also involved in multiple entrepreneurship ventures including a new WordPress theme and Whitelabelframework.com devoted to making efficient and effective mobile websites using WordPress.

Suzette Franck

Suzette Franck is the WordPress Evangelist Lead for Media Temple, a web hosting company located in Culver City, California. She has been doing web development for 17+ years, but discovered WordPress four years ago and has used it to create over 200 WordPress sites, ranging from BuddyPress, multisite, membership to portfolio sites, with a variety of different designs and requirements. Suzette is passionate about open source software, loves to blog and teach others on the wonders of WordPress.

Taylor Dewey

I’m a full time developer and interaction designer with 10up. Every day, I get to work on really big and really cool WordPress installations. But it’s not just a job and WordPress is more than a tool: It’s people. It’s a community. It’s a group of folks that love the web, love publishing, love technology, and love open source software.

Tiffany France

Hi there! My name is Tiffany France. I am a web developer and UI designer. I have been developing on the web since Netscape Navigator was cool. I currently work full time for Ironworks/ICF in Richmond, VA , and part-time CMS Advertising Group in Washington D.C. I’ve used WordPress for about 5 years as a blog and a CMS. My framework of choice is Genesis. My passion is interactivity, mainly creative uses of javascript in a friendly CMS environment.

I also like red wine. A lot.

Troy Dean

I am a WordPress web developer and online marketing consultant with over 5 years experience working with clients like Jessica Watson (the Aussie girl who sailed around the world), IBM, large banks, and dozens of small businesses.

I’m also co-founder of the Video User Manuals plugin for WordPress which gives developers over 35 video tutorials they can activate in their client’s dashboards to teach them how to use WordPress.