What up Phoenix and Chandler?

WP Engine is rolling into town this weekend, and we’re pumped about getting to hang out with you all. WP Engine is rolling into town with Ben Metcalfe, Chris Lauzon, and Mark Kelnar, all of whom have years of WordPress and development experience, so please come find one of us and bring questions about your sites. We love to participate in the Community, so regardless of whether you’re brand new to WordPress, or you’ve got a dozen git repos of custom code written, we’d love to chat about WordPress and how you can make your site run better, be more secure, and how to optimize your code if that’s what you’re into!

WP Engine eats, sleeps, and dreams WordPress.  Using our fast, secure, and cutting-edge technology, we provide the most mature Managed WordPress hosting platform to tens of thousands of top domains globally, such as HTC, Foursquare, VMWare, Atlassian, Bonnaroo, and Soundcloud.  WP Engine is also incredibly active in the WordPress community: we’ve sponsored and attended more than 20 WordCamps in 2012, and will continue on in 2013.  As part of our platform, WP Engine offers guaranteed hacker-proof security, and top-flight developer features, all hosted on infrastructure ready to scale. For support, WP Engine hires WordPress experts to troubleshoot problems, and get your websites running smoothly again. We’re here to help make WordPress the best solution for websites and apps, because we believe in the power of open-source and the Community. Come see what you’ve been missing!

WP Engine is grateful to the WordCamp Phoenix Organizers for all their hard work putting the event together, and is proud to support local WordPress Communities. We are excited to meet you and learn about what you’ve built in WordPress, as well as also offer all the attendees a free account for life on WP Engine.

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