LOCATION – Chandler Center for the Arts

* Schedule (including speakers and topics) are subject to change.

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8:00 Registration
9:00 Opening Remarks

Intro to Responsive Design

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Setting up a WordPress Site the Right Way

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The Core (IA) of WordPress Core


Legal Side of Blogging

Fundamentals of a Kick Ass WordPress Site

Advanced Actions & Filters

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WordPress in Education

Finding the Perfect Theme

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do_action(‘hack_me’): Advanced Security for Plugins

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12:15 Lunch

WordPress for Authors

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How Anyone Can Hack Your WordPress Site In Less Than 5 Minutes And What You Can Do To Prevent It

Designer vs. Developer Creators in WordPress

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WordPress Design for the Real World

99 Problems But Content Ain’t One

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From URL to Query

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DIY WordPress Websites for Small Businesses and Non-profits

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WordPress Ad Operations

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Adding source control to your code and life


Conversion Optimization in WordPress

Multi-site WordPress

Image Manipulation in WordPress 3.5

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5:10 Closing Remarks
6:00 Pub Crawl and After-party – Location: Downtown Chandler and Chandler City Hall