Location – Gangplank

*Schedule (including speakers and topics) are subject to change


WordCamp for Kids

9:00 am

Register for WordCamp for Kids – Open to Kids and Parents and includes an introduction to

11:30 am WordCamp for Kids Ends

*Find out more about WordCamp for kids


Business Development Day

*The presenter will continue the discussion in a small group format immediately following this brief 30 minute session.

12:00 pm

Success in Distributed Contexts (Distributed Workforce)

12:30 pm


1:00 pm

Developer Techniques and Tools

1:30 pm

Contributing to WordPress

2:00 pm

How WordPress Saves Lives: Freedom, Hope and Custom Post Types

2:30 pm

How to Stream a Meetup or Live Event

3:00 pm

The Importance of Online Strategy Integration

3:30 pm

Developing Impactful Websites for Small Businesses

4:00 pm

Bridging the Digital Divide: High-Tech Solutions for Low-Tech Access

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4:30 pm

How to Get Paid What You Are Worth

5:00 pm

WordCamp Ends

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