Speaker Submissions Due Monday at Midnight

Are you interested in speaking at WordCamp Phoenix 2013 but have been putting if off? Don’t worry, some of the most talented people are procrastinators and wear that badge proudly. But you can’t procrastinate much longer. Monday night at midnight (PST) is the cutoff for submissions for WordCamp 2013. We have some great submissions so far, but we would like to hear from you. In particular, we would like submissions on using WordPress for specific industries or businesses (ie. WordPress for Non-profits, Creatives, etc.) If you are using WordPress in a niche market or for a specific purpose or function, we would love to hear what you are doing.

So don’t wait any longer. You have the weekend. And really, it’s not that bad. Just click the button and start typing. Throw your hat in the ring and help make WordCamp a fantastic learning experience.

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