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Why Sponsor WordCamp?

WordCamp Phoenix 2013 is currently looking for sponsors. We have a limited number of packages available this year, so act fast if you want to get your message in front of our audience!

Nearly 20% of the websites on the Internet are now powered by WordPress. Joining on as one of our sponsors shows your support for the community and gets your brand in front of a captive and targeted audience.

Because WordPress is free, open-source software that is revolutionizing the Internet by allowing any individual or business to publish, maintain & market a website, sponsorship is not only an outstanding way to help others on their journey, it’s also a sound investment.

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Benefits of Sponsorship

As a sponsor, you’ll gain unique visibility in a large, tech savvy young
crowd with disposable income. WordCamps are held regionally all across the world, but the Phoenix WordCamp is one of the oldest, largest and most popular. We’ve got a great reputation among our attendees, which enables us to generate maximum impact for our sponsors.

WordCamps are volunteer-organized, community-sponsored conferences that bring together local technology professionals, enthusiasts, vendors & customers to connect with each other and learn about WordPress. Quite simply, it is not possible without the generous support provided by our sponsors.

The WordCamp Phoenix organizing team is serious about working personally with our sponsors to provide unique and powerful promotional opportunities that will generate maximum ROI for their brands. For sponsors, there is no better opportunity to reach an intelligent, interesting and evangelistic crowd.  Check out WordCamp 2013 Sponsorship Information for additional details.

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